Lower Sign, Lower Prices

You may have noticed the sign out in front of our used car lot. You know, the sign that towers above everything in the area?

This enormous banner of savings was erected to announce far and wide that you had arrived at Idaho Falls’ used car leader.

Our “pillar of price cuts” was something we were proud of, and wanted the world to see. But we’re not afraid to analyze all the typical ways of doing business, even if it means changing how we’ve done things for years. So we took a good hard look at the sign, and decided that it’s possible it was a tiny bit too high.

We’re really good at offering lower prices on used cars than any other car lots in Idaho Falls. But are we capable of having a lower sign? After much deliberation, we’re pleased to announce that along with all of our prices, we’ve now lowered the sign!

Sure, the astronauts might have a little more difficulty than normal spotting us from the space station, but we feel that this lower sign along with lower prices on used cars serves our community better.

Look for us on the corner of Holmes and Anderson in Idaho Falls. You might have to look a tiny bit harder than normal, but with how low these prices are you will want to keep your eyes peeled.

Lower Prices

Now that the sign is lower, what about the prices? Have a look at the used vehicles we have in stock in our used inventory. And if you really want to see low prices, have a look at our sub $10,000 inventory.